Team Caribou Country

Caribou Country

We are four dedicated outdoorsman with a passion for hunting, filming hunts and sharing our stories with others to know what Manitoba hunting truly has to offer. Contrary to our name, caribou hunting isn’t our only passion, we enjoy chasing black bear, elk, white tail deer, moose and of course, caribou with our bows. Allan and Ron own and operate a caribou outfitting business since 2000 in Northern Manitoba. All four of us have been hunting since a very a young age; a heritage passed down to us by our fathers. 

Watch for Team Caribou Country adventures on The Search airing on Wild TV summer 2014.
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Allan Saindon

Allan Saindon

 I was taught the sport of hunting by my Dad, Grandpa and Uncles. When I wasn’t old enough to be shooting a gun I literally followed in their footsteps and learned a lot.  I remember jumping along in their tracks in the deep snow as they hunted deer or trapped to keep our family fed. With the help of my long-time friend and business partner Ron, I carry on this tradition with my own three boys. We strive to teach them an appreciation of nature, the respect for our great outdoors and how to live off the land as much as possible in this day and age. I want to instil the gift of being able to harvest an animal and bring it to our table for nourishment not just the thrill of the hunt. 

I have been hunting since I was old enough to hold a gun. To say I have a passion for hunting, trapping and fishing is an understatement, it is genuine heartfelt appreciation for nature.

Ron Rousset
Ron Rousset

Born and raised in South Eastern Manitoba, as a young boy my Father and Uncles taught me how to hunt and trap. This all-consuming passion of mine has inspired me to share my knowledge of the outdoors with young and new hunters just as my family did for me.
My love of the outdoors has brought me and my loving (and understanding) wife Lise, to all corners of Manitoba and the Northern United States for hunting and trapping experiences.

A typical hunting season for me begins with guiding other dedicated outdoorsmen at our caribou outfitting camp in Northern Manitoba, followed by moose then my personal favourite, white tail deer during the November rut.

My adventures in the outdoors have fuelled my newfound passion of capturing and sharing my stories on film.
Paul Gauthier

Paul Gauthier

Hunting is in my blood and is my passion, that’s for sure. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife. She’s the one that needs recognition for her patience for putting up with my drive for being out in the field every free moment I can spare. I started hunting young; as soon as I was able to hold my own pellet gun my father had one in my hands. Shooting the clothes pins off Mom’s close line and sometimes Christmas lights.

I moved on to hunt with guns and a bit of archery. Now it’s the opposite, my passion is archery hunting. Outsmarting a mature white tail deer, having him at 20 yards and watching the arrow disappear behind a rib is unimaginable if you’ve never experienced it.

Imagine having a 1000 pound bull moose at 12 yards, eyes white as snow, horns laying on his back and letting out a distinct grunt to warn me I’ve crossed the line. I was charged and stepped on twice but his 48” horns missed me. I was one lucky guy, no broken bones!

My eleven year old son is now taking his hunter safety and I’m very excited to pass on my knowledge and passion to him.

Phil Arbez
Phil Arbez

At ten I got hooked on hunting, it started with gophers and barn pigeons at Grandpa’s farm after he gave me his old 22 long. Then bird hunting and deer hunting with a hunter safety instructor Bill Okolita. By age sixteen I was hunting deer, moose and birds and becoming better skilled with every passing season.

I found my new hunting passion about ten years ago when I started archery hunting! I've been fortunate to harvest some beautiful animals and now to be able to share these through film is very exciting.


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